Our team of Certified Passive House Consultants can help you with all your high performance design and construction needs.

We know building science and energy performance. We know construction and the trades. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help with your next high performance project. Prairie Design Build has two Certified Passive House Consultants on staff to help you with all of your Passive House consulting needs.


Prairie Design Build’s consulting and design services include:

Site shading/solar analysis: 

Use sophisticated analysis tools and software to understand the solar conditions for the building site in order to optimize building orientation, footprint, PV systems, and shading strategies.

Design fine-tuning: 

Use our team to fine-tune your high performance design with the best cost-effective Passive House strategies.

Construction details: 

We have expertise in designing an airtight, thermal bridge free envelope system and the various connections therein.


The Passive House Planning Package is a powerful energy modeling software to predict the energy performance of your building and calculate heating and cooling loads.


Use dynamic hygrothermal software to understand the long-term drying potential of your envelope assemblies to ensure a dry, long lasting assembly. 


Measure and optimize important building details for thermal bridging by using 2D heat transfer modeling software.

Please contact Prairie Design Build today for any of your high performance building needs today.