Lake Quivira Passive House - Blower Door Test

Prairie Design Build brought in Mary English of Small Step Energy Solutions to test the airtightness of the Lake Quivira Passive House.

Airtightness directly impacts the energy efficiency of a house, and is also linked to a comfortable and healthy interior living space. Many people who complain that their home is just old a drafty don’t realize there are steps that can be made to tighten up the house. That is where Small Step comes in.

Small Step Energy Solutions is a certified energy rater and conducts home energy audits to help homeowners make energy efficient and green improvements to their home and lifestyles. Performing a variety tests, Small Step helps homeowners pinpoint exactly where improvements are needed and outlines solutions to increase the comfortability and healthiness of their home.

In this video, Mary English performs a Blower Door Test to verify the airtightness of the Lake Quivira Passive House. After running the test and calculating the results, the Lake Quivira Passive House was one of the tightest homes Small Step had ever tested - including some high performance new construction homes.

A final test will need to be run once the final floor insulation and interior finishes have been installed, but the Lake Quivira Passive House is already testing among the tightest houses in the area.

For more information on the other tests and services that Small Step Energy Solutions provides, please visit their website: