Lake Quivira Passive House - Interior Air Barrier System

In this video, Building Scientist David Hawkins walks us through the interior air barrier system at the Lake Quivira Passive House and explains the importance of addressing the placement of the system early in the design phase prior to rough-in of framing, electrical, and insulation.

Defining what materials make up the air barrier is critical during the beginning phases of the project design. While the air barrier can exist at any point within the wall assembly, for this specific project an interior membrane system was chosen. The Lake Quivira Passive House utilizes an INTELLO smart vapor retarder, which also acts as an air barrier system.

The decision to use an interior membrane system requires a high level of detail during the design phase. The membrane must be continuous throughout the interior surface of the home. This means that in certain areas the membrane had to be installed prior to any rough-in of framing, electrical, or insulation. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to get our membrane into certain locations.

During the entire construction process we must be constantly mindful of our interior air barrier system, making sure to tape all seams and and keep it continuous throughout the home.